Vineyard & Orchard Solutions

The Harvest System is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution covering a range of applications, to protect your crop and assist with efficient management of resources. In most situations, our systems are totally standalone, utilising solar power and the cellular network to send data to the Harvest servers. Wireless UHF radio remotes can also be used to collect data from around the property. The live data can be viewed on a webpage using any computer or smartphone.

Frost Alarms and Weather Monitoring

Harvest systems, typically set up to include a weather station, give hourly updates to a Harvest web page. Once the temperature drops below your customisable frost threshold, text and voice call alarms are triggered and the web page updates every minute. Parameters that are typically monitored include air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness, and solar radiation (for evapotranspiration calculation).

Sensors can also be connected to wireless remotes to cover particularly frost prone parts of the property. If any of these sensors drop below your frost alarm thresholds then frost alarms and minute updates will be triggered. Frequent updates in frost conditions is particularly helpful for measuring frost fighting effectiveness.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil moisture and temperature sensors can be used to collect reliable real-time soil moisture readings from around the property. We are now predominantly using Acclima TDR and TDT sensors, installed at varying depths to give multi-level readings. You can read more about our soil moisture monitoring in our brochure and white paper, or contact us for more information.

For even further reading about soil moisture sensing technologies, see the Irrigation NZ soil moisture monitoring booklet.

Water and Irrigation

Harvest devices can provide real-time readings and configurable alarms for water and irrigation systems. Common applications include flow meter monitoring (optional transfer of data to council), water tank level, well/bore level, pipe pressure, and pump control. Alarms (txt message, email, or voice call) can be set up for any of the measured values e.g. max daily water usage exceeded, low tank or bore level etc. Remote control can be a secure virtual switch on the Harvest web page or based on a measured value e.g. if block temperature drops below X°C, start the frost fighting pump.

Wind Machine Monitoring

Wind machine monitoring can be retro-fitted to provide online diagnostics and automated alarms for startup failure. Parameters that are typically monitored are status (on/off), battery voltage, RPM of the shaft, and wind speed. Once your customisable frost alarm thresholds are met, the data updates every minute. For more information about our wind machine monitoring, please contact us or see our brochure.